About me :

I'm Amir Rahafrouz /R ae h - ae f r oo z /

I've finished my undergraduate studies on Software Engineering at ECE Dept under the supervision of Dr. M.H. Manshaei and I'm currently a member of Game Theory and Mechanism Design (GTMD) at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran.

Educations :

  • 2011-2016: B.Eng.: Software Engineering at IUT (Isfahan university of technology)
  • 2007-2011: High school, Mathematics and physics at Sadat high school, Isfahan, Iran

Research Interests :

My research interests include:

  • Parallel Processing ( And everything that scales out)
  • Computer Networks (The infrastructure that enables us to do great computations )
  • Software Engineering ( For dealing with problems of above topics)
  • AI ( Gives us good tools to employ while dealing with above topics)
  • Game Theory ( Helps us better modeling problems of above topics in a world of self-interested agents)

My favorite quote from Pieter Hintjens related to my vision of future:

Programming is a science dressed up as art, because most of us don’t understand the physics of software and it’s rarely, if ever, taught. The physics of software is not algorithms, data structures, languages, and abstractions. These are just tools we make, use, and throw away. The real physics of software is the physics of people. Specifically, it’s about our limitations when it comes to complexity and our desire to work together to solve large problems in pieces. This is the science of programming: make building blocks that people can understand and use easily, and people will work together to solve the very largest problems.